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Not All Painting Contractors Are the Same – Watching for Red Flags

One of the most common things we hear, when it comes to getting shoddy service from a less-than-reputable painter is that the person says they knew something was wrong, but didn't speak up. Even if you just have a bad feeling, it is better tor trust your instinct, and act on it.

The outcome of these situations is paying too much for inferior work. Which means you still have to pay an actual qualified professional to come out and fix the job for you.

Avoiding a Poor Performing Painter

So, you want to paint your Park City home but are leery of hiring an inferior candidate. What are some of the warning signs to watch for before hiring, or before letting anyone begin to paint your walls.

As previously mentioned, trust your instincts. Even if someone came as a referral from someone you know, they just may not be suited for your particular task.

Avoid making a choice based on price alone. The goal is to save money, sure, so many homeowners opt for the cheapest quote. This is always a reminder that you get what you pay for. If a painter doesn't value his or her work highly enough, why should you let them paint your homestead?

Sometimes you get done with the interview process, have a good feeling, then this self-proclaimed “pro” comes clean that they do not technically have a license or insurance. They refer to it as just a formality. No matter how good they may seem at their job, it is time to show them the door.

They are not upfront about sub-contracting. You screen a potential candidate, get a good feeling, and then the day the work is set to begin, someone else you have never met shows up. If you have not met them or seen their work quality, why would you let them proceed?

Anyone who can give you a quick quote, or one without even seeing the property, should be avoided. That's not a quote, that's a guess, and not even a professional one at that.

Also, do not be pressured into on-the-spot deals. Any contractor who tells you their price is only good for right now is not a painter, they are a salesperson – and a high pressured one at that. Don't buy into their aggressive tactics.

A Name to Trust

Savvy locals know that RL Peek Painting is the name to rely on for a reputable painting contractor. Your total and complete satisfaction is our top priority, and that's not just something we say as part of a sales pitch. We treat you the way we would want to be treated, if not better.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

There is an old time approach to the way you do business… appreciated the professional quality, friendly and honest service[...]
The Gideons
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You turned my house into a warm and inviting place for my family and friends to spend time together. Thank you to the most responsible and knowledgeable contractor I have ever worked with[...]
Karen Augenstein
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We were very impressed with the outcome of the job you did for us. It was a pleasure to work with you and would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a high quality, detail oriented professional who truly listens and cares about his customers.[...]
Travis and Janice Campbell
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