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Paint Color Trends for 2018

Switching up your interior painting during a transitional period like autumn revives your home and indicates symbolic change. Hiring a Deer Valley house painter to apply a new coat of paint can transform more than your space – it can change your attitude and behavior. If you want to alter the color of your home's interior, looking to the latest color trends and how they are used can offer you the motivation you need to revamp your walls.


For homeowners who desire a rustic and botanical interior, olive green is the perfect wall color. Olive can be matched with warm beige, navy, or black, and it pairs well with wood and leather furnishings. To enhance the earthiness of the color, hang a textile tapestry on an olive wall. Consider applying a coat of olive paint in your kitchen, dining room, or bedroom.


If you want to drape your space with elegance and romance, use blush, which can serve as a neutral or a subdued pop of color depending on the surrounding interior design. For a bold look, pair blush walls with burgundy furnishings and décor, creating a warm monochromatic color palette. If you want to incorporate blush without painting the walls, the color functions well on upholstered chairs or window treatments. Consider applying blush paint in a bathroom or closet, and incorporate silver accents.


Consider having your house painter apply a coat of indigo paint to an accent wall or all of the walls in a room of your choice. This rich dark blue with purple undertones works well in cozy entertainment areas, such as dens and media rooms. Because of its moodiness and sophistication, indigo is also used in libraries and offices. To balance the heaviness of indigo, mix the color with white porcelain vases, plates, and figurines, and don't be afraid to combine the coolness of indigo with warm reds and oranges.


A spicy deep red like caliente functions perfectly on the walls of libraries or dining rooms. The warm red is energizing, and it looks stunning on front doors. Enhance caliente's warmth by incorporating furnishings and décor in a complementary orange, or balance the red with a subdued beige or white.


Have your house painter apply a cool mink color to the walls of your bedroom, nursery, or living room. This calming gray with violet undertones works superbly in rooms you escape to or sleep in. Heighten the cozy and snuggly atmosphere by mixing mink with soft textures and a monochromatic color scheme composed of other grays of various intensities.

You don't have to choose just one of these popular colors for your home's interior. Consider combining mink with olive or indigo with blush to add variety and interest. Regardless of your color choice, a trusted Deer Valley house painter from RL Peek Painting can assist you with your interior painting project.

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