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You deserve a top-notch paint job that is performed by personable professional Summit County painters using only the best products. From your first phone call until the final walk through, you'll work with a painting team focused on providing you total satisfaction.

RL Peek Painting stands committed to starting your painting project and finishing your painting project. We will stay on the job until it has been completed

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Our proven painting system in Summit County involves extensive surface preparation, the best paint products available and protection of surrounding areas. The skilled team of trained RL Peeks Painting contractors assigned to your Summit County home will work together until the job is completed to your satisfaction. From one room to an entire Summit County home, we know your home painting project is important to you.

Summit County Interior Painting

You can count on our Summit County painting professionals to provide you with a high-quality paint job that will make the interior of your Utah home look wonderful and brand new. With a new interior paint job, your home will have a fresh new feeling. Our Summit County painting contractors are fully insured and bonded in the State of Utah. We are available anytime for your questions or painting needs. Along with quality customer service, we also provide professional and affordable paint jobs for your home or office. We also offer interior decorationg, house painting, interior paint and interior painting.

Summit County Exterior Painting

The outside paint of a house can reflect the personality of the people living in it and nowadays, house painting is one of the most affordable ways to improve the impression of one's home. However, it takes a lot of effort to do this job. One needs to clean the surface first, determine the type of paint to be used, and apply it. Always remember that a person should not paint a house when it is too hot because direct exposure to hot sun will damage paint jobs. It is best to paint in late spring or early fall when the weather is neither too hot nor cold. Washing the outside part of the house should be the first thing to do since it is the dirtiest and most exposed. Stubborn dirt and stains should be brushed and rinsed using ordinary garden hose. On the other hand, if the house is a large one, a person can use high-pressure spray cleaner. It automatically removes dirt, mildew, and stains. It can even remove peeling paint. Caution should be made when using these though. After washing, now the house has a dirt-free foundation ready for the new coating.

Now, one must start covering plants to protect them from paint drips and spills. Trees and bushes may get in the way too and it is best to cover it first with canvas drop cloths. After doing so, it is time to apply an appropriate primer to trouble areas, especially if raw wood or bare metal were exposed after the paint was removed. Applying a primer is a necessity in every house painting project because it gives a firm foundation for finishing paints and provides extra protection against elements like heat, strong winds, humid environment and rain. It produces a uniform surface that provides a sheen and appearance of the finish coat. Primers also increase the overall quality and durability of the paint job. It grips the surface and helps the exterior of the house to last for more than 10 years. When working on new wood, priming is always needed.

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