Park City Wall Faux Finishes and Selecting Colors – Designer Secrets

Park City Faux FinishesIf you want the high-end design on a budget, try Park City  faux finishes on your walls. Besides giving your home an updated style, faux finishes add color and depth to rooms. Although every faux finishing project you tackle will be different, choosing the appropriate colors will always need to be one of your first design choices. Whichever room you’re redecorating, your choice of colors will need to take in a wide variety of criteria.

For instance, are you looking for a bold, primary color modern statement or a dark, muddy earth color Victorian look and feel? Are you trying to blend the wall in with your existing décor or are you seeking to create an accent wall that brings its own texture and drama to the room? Are you trying to hide a room’s faults or is your ultimate goal to make the wall work within the room’s existing strengths? Will you be trying to make the room seem larger or smaller? All of these questions will need to be addressed before you even begin your Park City faux finishing project. In fact, choosing colors really is the first step of the process.

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