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Do you want home decorating ideas that will turn the inside of your home into something extraordinary? Park City faux finishes, also known as Park City faux painting, will do just that!

Faux Painting Is Popular

Park City faux finishes have been used worldwide for centuries. Park City faux painting was revived and gained popularity in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s with high end homes leading the trend.

Even though faux means “false,” it is important to note that creating a faux finish does not mean that your home will have a fake look. On the contrary, the use of faux finishes and faux painting in your home encourages you to express your creativity and imagination. It is a wonderful way to mix and match the new looks with the old to create a unique, extraordinary living space.

Basic faux finishes include

  • color washing
  • combing
  • crackle
  • metallic
  • ragging
  • sandscapes
  • soft suede
  • leather effect
  • sponging

There are many variations on these finishes.

We usually think of transforming walls with faux painting, but Park City faux finishes can be used to achieve a faux chic look any place in your home. These finishes can be used on just about anything in your home, such as furniture, tile, and floors, as well as on home décor items.

Faux Finishes Can Be Applied To Flooring As Well

A technique to use to ease new furniture into a decorating scheme is to accelerate the effects of time on wood and make it stylishly old by giving it a distressed finish. A Park City faux finish can also be used on wood floors to truly add a unique look to any room. A weathered paint effect is an effective faux finish technique to use on home décor, such as candlesticks and picture frames.

If you are hesitant to commit to having a whole room painted with a Park City faux finish, consider faux painting an accent wall that will complement the furniture and accessories in the room.

When you hire a Park City faux painting professional, carefully planning a decorating project prior to starting is essential for the successful completion of the project.

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